Kyani Review – Do Not Join Before Reading These Facts!

KyaniRecently there’s been some buzz about a company by the name of Kyani. Maybe you’ve heard of the company from a friend or loved one, or maybe you’re just here on you’re own to do some extra research.

Whatever your reason for landing on this webpage, I bet you wanna know more about this company, right?

Well, today’s your lucky day because I’m gonna give you a comprehensive review of the company! We’ll be looking at the company as a whole, while also taking time to examine specific products and learn about their compensation plan.

We’ll take a look at all they have to offer, and by the end of this article I guarantee you’ll have a solid understanding of Kyani and what they’re all about.

But enough chit chat; let’s dive in and get started. Ready? Let’s begin!


Kyani is a health and wellness network marketing company. It actually got started fairly recently, back in 2005, and has been seeing steady growth and success since then. A pretty impressive feat, if you ask me!

As you can imagine, this company is big on nutrition and wellness, and they hope to boost health and fitness through the many products they offer, including their drinks and gels.

Though they’re in the increasingly competitive health and wellness market, Kyani has consistently been a top performer. Now, if we’re being real here, this is important for all potential members and customers to consider — though hyped up and illegitimate products may flourish for brief amounts of time, it’s pretty rare to see unwarranted success and growth for EXTENDED periods of time. They might actually be doing something right…



So what’s their secret to success!?, you may be asking. Do they have a secret formula locked in an air-tight safe hidden behind an old 17th century painting? Hmmm… Probably not. But like most other successful companies with satisfied customer bases, odds are Kyani offers high-quality and original products.

The Kyani… Nitro FX, Nitro Xtreme, Sunset, and Sunrise are 4 of the main products offered.

The Nitro FX rejuvenates and empowers bodily cells via producing nitric oxide.

Price: $65.95 (for one 56 ml. bottle)

The Nitro Xtreme is basically the same thing as Nitro FX. The main difference is Nitro Xtreme packs more nitrates.

Price: $75.95 (for one 56 ml. bottle)

The Sunset is a vitamin-packed, Omega-3-touting nutritional boost to support the body.

Price: $43.95 (bottle contains 90 soft gels)

The Sunrise is known for containing the Wild Alaskan Blueberry, which some call “The King of All Fruits” (we’ll just take their word for it…). But Sunrise is also impressive for its nice mix of superfoods and vitamins.

Price: $43.95 (for one 30 oz. bottle)


But what’s in it for you? No need to be shy now, I know it’s on your mind.

Kyani members are paid via commissions. So, getting other people to join and make use of Kyani is a HUGE key to success!

But enough from me! Let’s hear Kyani break down their compensation plan in greater detail:

(WARNING: I am in NO WAY endorsing this video! This video is here solely to INFORM!)


So, is Kyani a scam? No. Is it an illegitimate company? No, it’s actually the exact opposite. But are there a few things to be wary of? Definitely.

For starters, the JOYS of knowing you’ll be PAID via commissions may actually instead lead to SADNESS once reality sinks in. As much as I hate to rain on your parade, a commissions-based pay means that the profits and gains you can achieve are directly dependent on how many people you can recruit. And let’s face it: MOST people can’t recruit very well. So, if your amount of recruits begins to slow, so does the amount of cash flying into your pocket…

Also, even as you recruit and sell Kyani products, you still only make as little as $5 profit on the items you sell, so the profit margin isn’t too appealing.

And lastly, the health and wellness niche is pretty competitive, and with more and more firms and companies trying to join in and cash in on the hype, maintaining success in such a market will only become more and more challenging.

Now, let’s not forget the fact that Kyani is still a popular company that has been enjoying growth and success for OVER 10 YEARS now—let’s not get too pessimistic here. But still, these are things to be cautious of as you go further and aim to achieve those GAINS!

That’s all folks! Now, you all should have a much clearer understanding of what Kyani is, and all they have to offer.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Kyani review! Your presence is greatly appreciated, I’ll assure you! But don’t be so quick to leave just yet! Feel free to drop a comment below about any experiences with Kyani, or with any questions you may have!

Above all, be blessed and have a great day!